Sled with hitch and wear bar

Sleds made by Canadian technology from high quality materials. They are comfortable, durable and light. Sleds are fixed to the SnowDog with damper device to eliminate jiggle when accelerating and braking. Sleds are equipped with rails at the bottom for stable ride and drift reduction.

Sled seat with rotating device

Sleds can be equipped with removable seats which easily fasten and adjust to the size of the rider. For a more comfort ride, the seat includes a turning mechanism, shelf for small items and a glass-holder.

Handlebar warmer mitts

Hand made high quality warmer mitts, made from three layered water resistant Oxford 1680 fabric. Available colors : Black, White camouflage.

Handlebar bag

Hand made from three layered water resistant Oxford 1680 fabric. Bag provides storage space and water protection for small items. Equipped with a transparent pocket window for the navigator. Available colors : Black, White camouflage.

Sliders suspension

Sliders suspension installed inside the track of Standard models instead of three-spring trolleysgives you freedom to overcome even deeper snow.

Ski trail groomer

X-country ski trail groomer for ski resorts quickly and efficiently compacts snow and prepares trails for skiing. Made from 08 stainless steel, powder painted.

Sled skates

Specially designed skates can be installed on sleds for better ice performance. 2pcs set

Soft cushion wooden chair for the sled

Foldable wooden chair with soft leatherette cushion for Snowdog sled. Designed to be able to withstand heavy weight and has additional grip for a stand behind passenger.